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Have some extra time on your hands?  Have a green thumb or love for books that you just have to share?  Then you’ve come to the right place!


Did you know?  Since January 2010, our dedicated volunteers have been donating 65-70 hours of their spare time each month!  Volunteer assistance with daily tasks and special projects is greatly appreciated by library staff.  Donate a couple hours of your spare time and contribute to the Library in many valuable ways.  These services can vary by the library’s needs and the volunteer’s personal interests but include:

  • Helping with library events & activities, such as book sales
  • Attending to the foliage in the Myra collection & throughout the library
  • Dusting & tidying
  • Shelving recently returned materials
  • & much more

If you are interested in volunteering contact the Circulation Desk at 772-8116 or email questions to: . 

Want to get more involved?  Join the Friends of the Library!

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