Sit back and relax!

We want your experience at Grand Forks Public_ to be as comfortable as possible. The library belongs to everyone, and these are some ways we ensure an enjoyable experience for all.


Care Catalog

Struggling to get hygiene products? Visit our Care Catalog. Located in the card catalog near the front desk, the Care Catalog includes a variety of free menstrual products, body care items, ponchos, seasonal items, and more. Take what you need—no questions asked.

Comfortable Seating

Whether you want to meet with friends for a lively discussion or curl up by a window for a quiet reading session, we have a variety of cozy seating options. We strive to provide a clean, cheerful, and accessible space that is sure to feel like home.

Charging Stations

Need to recharge your phone or tablet? Get a boost from the Friends! Two quick-charging kiosks are available at the library, thanks to the Grand Forks Public Friends. These can charge up to eight devices at once (3 Apple Lightning, 3 Micro USB, 2 USB Type-C), and you’ll find them next to the computers.

Lactation Room

We strive to take care of our patrons and each other. You are free to nurse wherever and whenever you’d like. But, if you would like a comfy, private spot to pump or nurse, please ask our staff for access to our Lactation Room (located inside the upstairs meeting room).

#PeopleFirst Food Pantry

Take what you need. Give what you can. Provided and maintained by Choice Bank and located outside by the front door, the #PeopleFirst Pantry is open all the time, making sure food is available to those in need. If you are interested in donating items to the pantry, please drop off your donations at the dropbox inside Choice Bank. Learn more.


We have restrooms on both the first and second floors of the library. The upstairs restrooms off the Children’s Department feature extra space for families and strollers.

Sensory Aids

Feeling overwhelmed by the noise? Simply ask the front desk if you can check out a pair of noise-reducing ear muffs. When curious minds are at play, we realize we’re not a quiet library, but we can help you quiet the swirl of activity.

Unique Attractions

Create a new tune in the Musical Playground in front of the library. Experience the wonder of the 220-gallon aquarium, complete with a library-flag-carrying diver. Explore nature with Myra’s Treehouse, the centerpiece of our renovated Children’s Department. From a hot pink swirly slide to giant wooden swings, you’ll discover fun, unexpected attractions for patrons of all ages!

Vending Machines

Need a beverage or snack to refuel your creativity? We have two vending machines that take cash or card.


Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the library and even in the parking lot. Learn more about our computer services and wireless internet access. 

We hope your visit to our playground for curious minds is filled with joy. If you have suggestions or ideas for improvement, please let us know.