Computer Services

  1. Computer & Internet Use
  2. Mobile Print
  3. Service Fees

Library Computer Use

Public computers are available to all patrons regardless of if they have a library card or not. Guest cards are available at each computer station.

Wireless Internet Access

The Library offers free Wireless Internet access to patrons bringing in their own wireless-equipped laptops. Before using the library's wireless network:

  • Patrons must read and abide by our Internet Policy.
  • You are responsible for the configuration of your own equipment.
  • Grand Forks Public staff will not provide any assistance or recommendations regarding configuring or troubleshooting your equipment.
  • No printing services are available.
  • Audio output must be muted or directed to your headphones.
  • The coverage area is approximately the whole building and signal strength and connection speed may vary in some areas.
  • The Service Set Identifier (SSID) is the public name of a wireless network that allows you to connect to the network. "Grand Forks Library" is the SSID used to gain access to the internet. This is the only wireless network available.
  • A wireless connection is less secure than a wired connection.
  • You are responsible for understanding the risks. Grand Forks Public Library cannot assure the security of your data when you use any of the publicly available PCs or the wireless network.

This service is made possible through library funds. The library reserves the right to limit the use of the Internet for any reason. Patrons who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary actions, which may include termination of library privileges and criminal prosecution.