Check-Out Guidelines

Did you know you can check out up to 50 library materials at once? Here are check-out guidelines for various library materials.

Material TypeQuantity Checked Out
Books(Up to) 50/card
Audiobooks (Adults)10/card
Audiobooks (Children)10/card
Music CDs10/card
eBooks & eAudiobooks5/card
Kanopy Films5 credits/month
Video Games & Board Games1 of each/card
Technology (Roku, Hotspot)1 of each /card

How long can I check out materials?

Material TypeLength of Check Out
Books3 weeks (Can renew 2x)
Audiobooks3 weeks (Can renew 2x)
Music CDs3 weeks (Can renew 2x)
eBooks & eAudiobooks3 weeks (Can renew 2x)
Roku3 weeks (Can renew 1x)
Hotspot3 weeks (Cannot renew)
DVDs1 week (Can renew 1x)
Video Games1 week (Can renew 1x)
Board Games1 week (Can renew 2x)
Library of Things1 week (Cannot renew)
Radon Detectors1 week (Can renew 2x)

Fine Free
We are fine free. If the item is not returned, you will be responsible for the replacement cost. If it's returned late, no fines!